Homemade Scented Container Candles

By Stuart Shum, Posted on 08/03/2015

I enjoyed creating scented candles, and the process was fairly straight forward. 


I wanted to create container candles, so I didn't need a mould or have to worry about the candle supporting itself. I took a trip to Ikea and got some cheap glasses for my candles. I got a range of small glasses, really cheap, to use. The best one was a latte glass for 80 pence!

Choosing the Wax, Colour and Oils

After a lot of research I decided to go for 'EcoSoya' from 4candles.co.uk. This kind of wax seemed perfect for scented candles with colour. I ordered some pre waxed wicks from Amazon and also ordered some 'Glue Dots' (To stick the bottom of the wick to the bottom of the glass).

I also purchased some different wax colouring and essential oils from Amazon.

Melting & Mixing

I placed 100g of wax into a glass and put it into a pan with water. On a low/medium heat I started to heat the wax. 

2015 03 08 12.01.18

Once the wax started to melt, I added 1 gram of yellow wax colouring and 5 grams of lemon essential oil.

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I gently stirred the wax until all of the wax and colour had mixed. Next I used a pen case to position the wick. I had put a sticky glue dot at the bottom so it stayed in place. Carefully I poured my wax into the glass and slowly removed the pen.


The candle! I lit the candle and it gave a good balanced scent. I was worried I hadn't added enough oil, however I think it was perfect. Next I am going to try mixing different oils to get a different scent.

2015 03 08 12.50.15 



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